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Hi ladies and gents! I'm Shannon, photographer, mom, navy wife and pediatric oncology nurse. Welcome to my little piece of the internet.
I originally started doing photography about 3.5 years ago before my son was born when my husband brought me my first camera. Since then I've fallen in love with photography and have worked extremely hard at teaching myself everything I can learn. I started out like a lot of other people do taking photos my kids and it has blossomed into a huge passion of mine. I typically go nowhere without my camera, because you never really know when you will stumble across the perfect shot.  Now I've decided to take a leap of faith and put myself and my work out there for others.
I've never been a fan of the matchy matchy, super posed photos and tend to lean more towards candid lifestyle photos. I love to find the beauty in things that are not traditionally beautiful and no location is off limits for me, whether its a park, an abandon building or Target. If the shot is there I'll take it and have done everything from newborns to senior portraits to weddings.
All photos on here were taken by me unless otherwise noted. Please no copying of images without permission.  If you want any more information about me or my photos feel free to contact me at something2smileaboutblog@gmail.com or follow me on instagram or pinterest. And of course head over to This Crazy Beautiful Life and check out the day to day happenings in my crazy life. Hope to hear from you soon!

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