Saturday, November 8, 2014


I first met Archer's mom, Stephanie, when I started working as a nurse at CHKD. She recently had gone on maternity leave with her first born, Hayden. Steph and I instantly hit it up and she has become such a wonderful friend.

 Now almost 5 years later she has added 2 more children to her crew including her first son Archer, who is one of the cutest infants I've ever met. He was so relaxed during our shoot he made it a little too easy for me and I love how the images of him and his family came out.

Of course big sisters Hayden and Evie needed to get in on this photo action. Evie was cracking me up the whole time making silly faces, she definitely isn't shy at all.

Watching a mother with  all her children is one of the sweetest things in my opinion. It warms my heart looking at these of Stephanie and her children.

And lets not forget about a little father/son time for Archer and his dad Mike.

One big, happy, amazing family. Congrats on your new addition!

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