Saturday, September 6, 2014

-Ethan Turns 3-

I have a 3 year old now ( or I will in less then 2 hours) can you believe it! I know I couldn't.  Each year I have spent weeks thinking of the perfect location to take birthday photos of him and this year it was done on a whim. I was at my moms house and was like "hey I have my camera, lets do this!" Lucky for me she was willing to come along and lend a hand coaxing Ethan to go where I needed. He's pretty use to me always having my camera around, but its still not easy to catch a moving target.

We were literally driving down the road when I saw corn fields. Of course they were on private property but we were in and out in 5 minutes and no one ever knew ( until now).

Next was off to the train tracks. Ethan loves trains but was not happy at first to go to the tracks without 1 single train around...

 Luckily a quick game of tag was enough to get him back in the happy mood so we could continue our shoot.

I realized this year that this rocking chair has become a staple in birthday photos for him as we have used it ever year. It was mine when I was his age and seeing him enjoy it warms my heart more then he'll ever know.

Last stop, the playground, Ethan's home away from home and despite looking like I stuck him in jail he had a blast, as always.

It's hard to believe he is 3. I'm just glad I was able to capture special moments that we can treasure for a life time.

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