Wednesday, August 6, 2014

-The Rekkedals-

Over the weekend I was able to take some photos of a dear friend of mine and her family. Kathy is such a sweetheart and we have know each other for over 6 years. She even has been nice enough to write a post for my other blog in the past.   Her own little one, June is almost 8 months old and absolutely gorgeous. She is also a daddy's girl, which was pretty obvious as the shoot went on.

Chubby baby legs and arms, I love it!

Of course we were fighting with mother nature, but luckily there were lots of fun arch ways to protect us from the rain

On the move and ready to explore

 I'm pretty sure this was her " hey lady its past my bedtime, hurry up" face

Finally caught a break with the rain

Nothing like a mothers love

Daddy's girl all the way

Such a fun and beautiful family. I am completely honored they wanted me to capture some precious moments for them!

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