Saturday, August 16, 2014

-Rachel and Isabel-

Sometime when I go on a shoot I just know that I'm going to have fun. This was one of those shoots. Rachel is the daughter of a dear friend of mine and Isabel has spent the last year living with them from abroad. The two have grown so incredibly close that when Leslie asked me if I'd take some photos of them before they went off to college I jumped at the chance.  What was suppose to be an after work ( as in my nursing job) shoot before sunset turned into 2 days of fun with some amazing kids.  So much fun that I'll probably post these photos in 2 separate posts.

For the first day of photos the girls brought along Rachel's best friend Nic and we hit up some of there favorite locations in downtown Norfolk including museums and the historic library.

These kids have good taste. The locations they picked for their photos were full of rich architecture and unique details 

Talk about fun. Rachel ( pictured) and Isabel loved this mirrored sculpture at the Chrysler Museum. It definitely played some tricks on your eyes trying to figure out what is and isn't real.

 Friends since they were little, it was definitely obvious.

No shoot is complete without a couple photos with mom

I've lived in this area most of my life and yet didn't know about these hidden treasures

 Sunset fell and the managed to keep me around for a few night time shots before we decided that we would just resume the next day for a few more ours of fun.

2 hours worth of photography and we were no where near done. 
Don't forget to check out part 2 of the shoot with these fun teens.

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