Saturday, July 26, 2014

-Tanya and Alex-

Yesterday I had the chance to take photos for Tanya and her boyfriend Alex. They were so cute! Not only do they both serve in the military but they are in a long distance relationship so I can relate to having to capture time together as much as possible.

When we first got there they were super nervous but as time started to pass you saw them loosen up and start to forget that they were being followed by "paparazzi" ie- me.

 Some of my favorite photos of clients are the ones they don't necessarily realize I'm taking, and don't pose for.

The weather turned out to be beautiful. It was originally pretty cloudy but the sun came up just in time to capture these gorgeous photos.

I mean seriously, could they be any more in love?

Thanks you guys for meeting up at the beach with me and letting me capture some of your time together!

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