Saturday, May 31, 2014


Hey everyone, I finally got around to linking my blog to bloglovin. Feel free to head over and start to follow both this, and of course This Crazy Beautiful Life

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Something to Smile About

I'm Shannon. Navy wife, mom, oncology nurse and aspiring photographer. My life is pretty hectic but I tend to like it that way and thrive on the chaos.  Growing up I've always loved the arts and have never been one to turn away from a camera. My mom says I'm vain, but I just think of it as an exuding confidence ( maybe a little too much, but don't tell her that)

  In early 2011 my husband and I found out I was pregnant with our son Ethan and he bought me my first camera. We didn't know then what a passion this would become but over the years I've been working on my talent and have taught myself so much. Like many other aspiring photographers started off with taking photos of my family and then was asked by friends to take photos for them since then my photography has blossomed. I never thought much of it because this is something I did for fun. It is relaxing and allows me to lose myself. But my friends and family noticed a talent in me that I didn't realize was there before and have been my inspiration to push forward and see if this is something I can really do. I'm no where near ready to open my own "photography business" but I'm definitely ready to start showing my photos and see where it leads. Maybe one day even to my own business.